Links to Other Rubik's Cube Sites

There is a helpful community about the Rubik's Cube and solving it at the Cubers subreddit.

My Failed Kickstarter Project to Create a 4x4 Cube Solver: Archived Here!

The Official Rubik Cube Website

The official website of the Rubik's Cube. Everything you'd ever want to know about the Rubik's Cube, including where to purchase them. Also includes many different games, and information on other Rubik's Cube like puzzles.

Cube Explorer 5.00

This website is very big in the Rubik's Cube community. It is a website dedicated to the optimum solutions of Rubik's Cube, and is a very good source if you are looking for the mathematics behind solving the Rubik's Cube. It is one of the sources I used for the final algorithm this website uses. The Cube Explorer will solve a cube in fewer moves then my website, at the expense of longer compute time.

Speed Cubing

A site dedicated to news, competitions, etc... of the speed cubing phenomenon.


A site tailored to everyone to explain how to solve the Rubiks Cube the proper way.