Information and Help

If the webpage doesn't give you a solution, there maybe a few positions which cause the algorithm to bust.

Some few cases take too long to solve and the solver program will timeout.

To get your cube back to original from any error, just give it a few more random turns and try again.

If you continue to get errors, it is also possible that your cube has become unsolvable. The cube can get it's corners mixed up pretty easy, and if you search "unsolvable rubiks cube" you may see pranks just to fluster people. Here is a link to repair your cube if this is the case.

Video Tutorial

or download the video by right-clicking->Save Target as: Vid Download

Computer Programming Information

I get a lot of requests for 4x4 and 2x2 solvers and I investigated what it would take to add them. I tried a Kickstarter to fund the development of a 4x4 solver but it didn't meet its goals.

I get a lot of emails asking about the algorithm I use for this website. I used to just direct you to wrongway.org where there was a lot of good source code. Eric Dietz, was that site's owner but passed away in 2013 and the site is now down. I was able to pull the information from the Wayback machine.

I am going to add links and store the files on my server so that the source code is still available for you to experiment with. They are programmed in the C++ language.

Source Code

3x3x3 kociemba solver This site uses a modified version of this code

2x2x2 solver source

3x3x3 solver source - CGI version

3x3x3 solver source - command line version

3x3x3 solver binary

4x4x4 solver source - CGI version

4x4x4 solver source - command line version

4x4x4 solver binary