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There are currently two downloads so that you can make your own Power Cards for your 4th edition character class. Both files are Microsoft Excel files. Fill them in, and print to card stock and you're ready to play! Feel free to discuss the files in the forums, or send me an email with your questions.

To download, Right-click save target as...

sircedric4 Power Card Blanks

This file consists of 2 worksheet pages. The renewed page is the only one that is required to be filled out, as the expended page is based on the renewed page. Simply fill in the appropriate lines and print both pages to either side of some card stock and enjoy.

sircedric4 Power Card Database and Cards

This file uses the blanks above, but adds a database mechanism so that the powers that you add are never lost. There are instructions within the file. As your database grows with each character power you add it will significantly shorten new power card creation of similar characters.This is an Excel file with macros.

The optimum use of this file is with the macros enabled, but without macros you can still use this file forits database and card print capabilities. Some of the bells and whistles will be disabled but no basic functionality requires the macros.

Card Blanks Image Front and Back of Power Card Card Blanks Print Sheet Renewed Side w/ Database Lookup
Card Fill In Form Database Instructions and Form Fill Card Database Database Storage Sheet